Fireproof sleeve for Industrial, Marine and Aviation Use
Industrial Marine Aviation Firesleeve
Fireproof sleeve is a fiberglass (fibreglass) braided or knitted sleeve that has a thick coating of silicone rubber which is self-extinguishing.  The fiberglass substrate sleeve will not burn.  Firesleeve is also spelled Fire Sleeve or Fire-Sleeve.

Fireproof sleeve is available in sizes from 0.022 inch or 0.56mm Inside Diameter (I.D.) through 5.0 inch or 127mm I.D.

Larger fireproof sleeve for use as protective jacket for water-cooled high-current cable (for EAF - Electric Arc Furnace) cover is available, up to 12 inch or 305mm I.D. which has a velcro fasterner.

These fireproof sleeves along with other fireproof tape, rope and fabrics are available from the Firesleeve and Tape website.  Fireproof sleeve made from a knitted fiberglass base sleeve is usually called Industrial Firesleeve, while fireproof sleeve made from a braided fiberglass base sleeve is called Aviation or Marine Firesleeve.  Aviation and Marine firesleeve is made to SAE AS1072 specifications.

Fireproof sleeve is typically manufactured in long lengths of several hundred feet, and is then packaged into 100 foot lengths.  The most common use is to protect hydraulic hoses, wire, cables, tubing and pipe in industrial plants where molten metal is processed, such as a steel plant, or in areas of robotic welding.  In aviation and marine use, fireproof sleeve is used to protect fuel lines, hydraulic and oil lines from heat and to prolong the life of wiring and hoses in case of a fire so that critical systems can function longer.

Firesleeve also provides a high degree of insulation value, protecting hot or cold or cryogenic lines, pipes and tubing from heat or cold loss, providing energy savings.

You can order firesleeve at a discount on-line from American Firesleeve, or over the phone by credit card from Extreme Heat Protection. A catalog of fireproof products and materials is available as a pdf file.